Krasker Film/Video

Located at Mugar Memorial Library, basement level, 771 Commonwealth Avenue

Krasker catalog: Browse the online catalog for available titles.

Krasker Film/Video Services provides instructional media support to university classes. Faculty can browse the online catalog and reserve any of more than 18,500 film and video titles from the Krasker collection for classroom use in current classes. Krasker also has an onsite previewing room at Mugar Memorial Library, basement level, 771 Commonwealth Avenue, equipped to screen all formats in the Krasker collection: 16mm, VHS, Laser Disc, DVD, and Blu-ray. You can also check out the Krasker Film/Video Services Blog.  Services are available to university students, faculty, staff, and departments.

  • Schedule film/video for courses (faculty only) : Current BU faculty may check out film and video titles for use in current BU courses. To book a title for your class submit a request online or visit Krasker Film/Video Services in person, basement level, Mugar Memorial Library.
    • Note: we do not deliver film materials to classrooms; for classroom screenings, faculty must pick up and return films at Krasker Film/Video Services in Mugar Library.
    • Krasker/Film Video Services materials are considered Reserve items.  Please return materials promptly for other class use.  Items not returned in 3 days will be declared lost/missing and a fee of $150.00 (or cost of the item, whichever is greater) will be charged (see Fees at Mugar Circulation).
  • Place films/videos on Reserve (faculty only): Requests may also be made to place film materials on reserve for viewing at Krasker Film/Video Services or at Geddes Language Center using the online form.
  • Request film/video purchases (faculty only): To request a purchase or outside rental, email with film title, preferred format, and distributor information or submit it in person at Krasker Film/Video Services, basement level, Mugar Memorial Library.
  • View films and video onsite in Mugar (faculty/students/staff): Current BU faculty, staff, and students may view Krasker titles onsite in the Mugar previewing room.
  • Visit: Visit us at Mugar Memorial Library, basement level, 771 Commonwealth Avenue, call 617-353-8112, or e-mail
  • The collection is not available to outside organizations, student groups, or the public. Student organizations must obtain film and video materials from the Student Activities Office at the George Sherman Union, 617-353-3635.
  • Krasker materials are not purchased with public performance rights.