Computers & Printing


The Pardee Management Library has 14 thin client workstations (similar to Mugar Library) that require a current BU login name and Kerberos password to log in. The machines offer a variety of applications and are connected to the campus MyPrint network.

Wireless Access for Visitors

Campus visitors with wireless devices may use the BU Guest network to access the Internet.  Guests will not have access to university-specific resources, such as library databases.  Accounts are valid for 30 days and may be renewed.  The Guest network is unencrypted.


Pardee Library has thin client terminals (like Mugar Library) which are connected to the IS&T managed MyPrint system, enabling students to use print quotas in the library. Print queues: “SMG-Pardee Single Sided” or “SMG-Pardee Double Sided.”  Step by step instructions:  Pardee Printing Instructions

 **Please note that Mugar Library is the default printer for all Pardee Library thin client machines. You will need to manually select one of the SMG print queues in order to pick up your job at Pardee Library.**

Interested in saving time?
Print from your laptop, or send your MyPrint jobs to Pardee Library in advance and then pick them up at our Service Desk.  Instructions on how to configure your computer for printing are available here.


Other printing options at Questrom School of Business

Questrom students may use their Questrom print quota in the Questrom Computer Labs.

Quota printing outside Questrom School of Business

To print elsewhere on campus, a list of General Access Computer Labs is available.