2015–2016 Lecture Series: FAITH AND DOUBT

Welcome to the Boston University Institute for Philosophy & Religion!

Our lecture series on Faith and Doubt has concluded, bringing our normal 2015-2016 series to an end (please view the program for a complete list of this year’s lectures). Our deepest and most sincere thanks is due both to all our speakers for helping us offer a great program, and to all our guests at each of our lectures and online, for keeping us going. Check this page over the summer for updates on our lecture series for 2016-2017, and get IPR news conveniently via our Facebook page!

Professor Clooney guided us through a careful consideration of the faith of the Bhagavad Gita, in a lecture that, like the text it’s based on, provides copious food for thought. Video of the talk is available here.

James Quandt gave us a deep, unflinching look at the last–and bleakest–of Robert Bresson’s films, and provided a careful analysis, explicating his view on Bresson’s declining Catholic faith toward the end of his film career.

Professor C. Stephen Evans delivered a thoughtful and clear lecture on Kierkegaard’s philosophy of faith, and on the often missed distinction between doubt and uncertainty, and for this we want to offer him our thanks. He has given us much to consider as we head into our winter break. Video of his talk is available here.

Our thanks to Professor Charles Kimball, who delivered a lecture on the future of Islam, particularly in the Middle East. Although many of these Muslim majority nations are involved in strife–internal, external, or both–Prof. Kimball provided reasons to believe that the future of Islam is very hopeful, and that it is capable of playing an enormously important and positive role on the world stage, as it has since its founding. Video of his talk can be viewed here.

Thank you to Professor Christopher Ricks for his eloquent lecture on faith, doubt, and the relationship between them in the poetry of Tennyson and the writings of T.S. Eliot. The video of this lecture is now available here.

Professor Dale Wright presented his take on the philosophy of enlightenment in Mahayana Buddhism, including a fascinating approach to the nature of faith and doubt. Video of the lecture, “The Buddhist Journey from Ethics to Religion, and Back,” is available here.

Professor Michael Zank gave us a deep look at the philosophy of Leo Strauss, and drew some interesting distinctions between faith and doubt, on the one hand, and belief and unbelief, on the other. A video of his lecture, “Belief and Unbelief: A Straussian Perspective,” is now available here.

Thank you to Professor Jennifer Herdt for a wonderful start to our series! The video of her talk, “Faith (and Doubt?) Among the Virtues,” is now available here.

Our full schedule of this past year is here

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