Category: Technology Development & Transfer

The Path to Zero is One: Power of Precision in Accelerating Discovery and Innovation for Brain Health.

January 2019’s Nexus Series Seminar with Dr. Rhoda Au Rather than treating brain disease when symptoms appear, how can we predict and treat people before they even get sick? Dr. Rhoda Au’s Nexus seminar pivoted on this paradigm shift, and the flexible healthcare technology providers need to facilitate it. Dr. Au’s Precision Brain Health Initiative […]

Nexus December: From the Lab to the People

Dr. Ünlü on the Interferometric Reflectance Imaging Sensor (IRIS) The December Nexus session focused on the challenge of taking innovative technologies from the research lab to mass distribution for patient care. Dr. Selim Ünlü’s Interferometric Reflectance Imaging Sensor (IRIS) allows screening for micro and nano entities with significantly higher sensitivity and lower magnification than other […]

IHSIP Welcomes First Fellows

Health, healthcare, and the healthcare system are complex—the problems they face are as well. This complexity is why the Institute for Health System Innovation & Policy was created with a focus on driving interdisciplinary work: meaningful solutions to healthcare’s challenging problems require the collaborative efforts of experts from multiple domains. In keeping with this guiding […]