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Digital Health Initiative: 2020 Applications Open

The Boston University Digital Health Initiative (DHI) is pleased to award annual DHI funding to transdisciplinary research that seeks novel digital solutions to modern healthcare’s greatest challenges. In particular, our applications seek faculty interested in projects that incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning approaches in the development, deployment, and assessment of novel digital health solutions. Past projects included investigators across […]

Why Is Medical Innovation So Difficult?

By Anand Devaiah, MD, FACS I’ve been asked this seemingly simple question from a variety of perspectives, and it’s proven endlessly complicated. The challenges we must innovate to solve change over time, across contexts, and between stakeholders in the medical innovation process. The best answer I’ve found can be encapsulated into two words: “It depends.” […]

Getting to Know the International Network for AMR Social Science

A Q&A with Professor Kevin Outterson The risk from antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is profound, and the global community is unprepared to respond. In this climate, research centers across the world are coming together to find a way out of this crisis – not only by developing new antibiotics, but also by understanding the human, social, […]

Expert Perspectives: Biopharma CEOs and Industry Leaders Sign a New Commitment to Patients

On January 8, 2020, a group of 215 Biopharma CEOs and Industry Leaders published a co-signed “New Commitment” to center patient needs and to conduct ethical pharmaceutical business. Through this document, the signors pledged to ensure access to their treatments through responsible pricing, investing in health policy discussions, and encouraging commitment to ethical business practices […]

Reflecting on 2019: A Letter from Dr. Woodson

Friends and colleagues, As 2019 comes to a close, I feel grateful to have shared this year at IHSIP with you. I wouldn’t be the first person to say we’re doing our work in interesting times. Breakthroughs in health technology, innovations in health sector business making, and an election pivoting largely on health policy debates […]

Revolutionizing Diagnostics: The IRIS Technology

By Allison Marn The diagnostic and pharmaceutical industries are in need of accurate, highly-sensitive, high-throughput methods for measuring and analyzing molecular binding. Better understanding this molecular binding allows for the discovery and development of new molecular interactions, and therefore, new diagnostics and therapeutics. For this, the IRIS (Interferometric Reflectance Imaging Sensor) technology developed by Professor […]

Social Innovation on Drug Resistance Program: Fall Semester Round-up

As we approach a new decade, we’re pleased to look back on a year of growth and connection for our Social Innovation on Drug Resistance Postdoctoral Program. With four Postdoctoral Associates now active in the program, we’ve been able to support projects from across Boson University, all dedicated to investigating how social, political, and operational […]

Emerging Palliative Care Interventions for Homeless Adults

Exploring Initiatives In Ten US Cities with the Largest Homeless Populations By Arden O’Donnell MPH, MSW America’s homeless population is growing older. On city streets as well as in food banks, soup kitchens, and shelters, we are witnessing an increase in the numbers of gray-haired, stooped, and frail bodied individuals experiencing homelessness. Federal statistics also […]