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On Clinical Care and Software

Bringing Advanced Analytics to Surgery By Jacob Nudel, MD In my day job taking care of surgical patients, I am often struck by the extent to which the software we use in the hospital lags behind the software we use in other aspects of our lives. Technology companies use advanced analytics to make uncanny predictions […]

Faculty Spotlight: Rena Conti, PhD

Rena Conti, PhD joined us this year as Associate Research Director for Biopharma & Public Policy. In December, the FDA appointed Dr. Conti as Special Economic Advisor, a formal appointment recognizing her long-standing advisory role for policymakers across the U.S. Dr. Conti is known for being a leader in public policy work on prescription drug […]

Project TRIO Working Summit

Transforming Risk into Opportunity: Redesigning Palliative Care for the Underserved On November 29, faculty from IHSIP’s Center for Health System Design & Implementation (CHSDI) brought national thought leaders from diverse disciplines across palliative care services to participate in design thinking exercises and honor innovators in the field. The Center’s full-day working summit, led by senior […]

Introducing the Featured Faculty Blog Series

One of the central commitments of the Institute for Health System Innovation & Policy is to work to convene an interdisciplinary community of researchers, practitioners, and students. We believe that the solutions to the pressing healthcare problems facing this nation and others will come from interdisciplinary work—work that integrates and innovates across science and technology, […]