Alum Joe Laycock Writes and Teaches while Sailing the Globe

GDRS (DRTS) Director Jonathan Klawans was pleasantly surprised when he came across an article by GDRS (DRTS) Alum Joe Laycock in last month’s edition of the Journal of the American Academy of Religion.*  Dr. Klawans wrote Joe to congratulate him and received the following reply from Joe updating us on his current teaching position.


Joe Laycock China






Hi Dr. Klawans,


I really have to thank my advisor, Stephen Prothero, for my recent accomplishments.  Steve encouraged his doctoral students to write term papers that would be publishable.  Eight of my peer-reviewed journal articles began as term papers …  I am currently teaching for Semester at Sea, which is essentially a cruise ship that has been converted into a floating college.  The current voyage travels to Japan, China, Vietnam, Singapore, India, Myanmar, Mauritius, South Africa, Ghana, Morocco, and Spain.  I am teaching a class on world religion as we literally sail around the world.  The course is based on the pedagogical theories I studied under Diana Lobel and Christopher Lehrich and the primary reading is God Is Not One by Stephen Prothero.  Everyone seems to be enjoying the course and says that it has enhanced their experience of other cultures.

Congratulations and Safe Travels to Joe!



*Please note that only subscribers to the Journal will be able to access to the full article.

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