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Parents & the ERC

The ERC offers a variety of programs and services that are beneficial to the students of Boston University. Here is some quick information about what each program is and where to get more information.

Peer Tutoring is free to BU students, and is offered in most 100 and 200 level CAS courses. Our peer tutors are here to complement students’ classroom experience by providing insight to managing course content and developing effective study skills. Peer tutors are undergrads recruited from across Boston University, recommended by BU faculty, and undergo extensive training prior to starting. Peer tutors meet with students either in an individual setting, or in a weekly group setting. More information can be found here.

Our Writing Assistance program is staffed by BU Doctoral students, who have a wide range of specialties including International Relations, Religion, and more. Writing Assistance appointments are designed to help students through every aspect of the writing process, from brainstorming all the way through their final draft. Writing Assistance appointments are NOT proofreading sessions, rather the Writing Fellow will listen and suggest ways to resolve to a student’s concerns about clarity and argument, helping them to articulate their own ideas more effectively. Additionally, students can utilize ESL writing skills appointments which are designed for students who are struggling with basic difficulties in writing at the college level, not just with particular assignments. All Writing Assistance appointments are one-on-one with a Writing Fellow. More information about both types of appointments can be found here.

Language Link conversation groups are led by native speakers, and offer students, staff, and faculty an opportunity to improve their conversational skills in 12 languages. Participants meet with their group throughout the semester, and sometimes participate in activities planned by the leader such as films or trips off campus. Language Link leaders facilitate conversations that help students with their coursework, prepare for study abroad, or brush up on basic conversation skills. More information about Language Link here.

The ERC’s workshops cover a wide range of topics including syllabus management, note taking, and group presentations. Our workshops are led by staff and student ambassadors and are offered throughout the semester. More information about our workshops can be found here.

We strongly encourage students to come in and meet with staff if they aren’t sure which program is the best fit for them, or if they need guidance with any aspect of their collegiate career. You will often hear our staff state that their favorite part of their job is meeting with students. We enjoy talking to students and helping them figure out which resources are the best fit for them, helping them to figure out what kind of learner they are and how to be the most successful student they can be. To set up an appointment, students can call or email the ERC, or can talk to our Student Desk Assistants at our office located on the 6th floor of the Center for Student Services at 100 Bay State Road. Please note that we require students to make their own appointments with ERC staff.

It is important to note that the ERC does not work with students about accommodations nor are ERC staff academic advisors. Occasionally when meeting with students, the conversation will lead to a referral to other resources that students may have overlooked such as the Office of Disability Services, Student Employment, CAS Advising, Center for Career Development or resources within their school/college to name a few.

Still have questions? Contact us via email or phone (617-353-7077). However, please keep in mind that it is frequently easier if students contact us directly.

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