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Academic Workshops

“It made me see how to prepare for classes differently from the way I was used to.”—Student survey response

The Educational Resource Center’s workshops help students learn how to become more successful academically.

Not sure how to use your syllabus effectively? Are you looking to get savvy with your multiple choice tests?

Our discussions can help you sharpen your academic skills and help you get the most out of your BU experience.

Check out the workshops offered by the ERC. Request one below and sharpen your academic skills.

Connect with us through the Tips from the Experts where you’ll find tips and advice from the ERC staff.

Watch Academic Skills videos on the ERC’s YouTube channel.

Check our calendar for any upcoming events.

Request a Workshop

The Educational Resource Center offers custom workshops for your class or organization to assist your audience in learning more about various academic skills-related topics.

To request an Educational Resource Center  workshop, please complete the Workshop Request Form.

Academic Skills Videos

Can’t make it to one of the scheduled workshops, but still want to know what happened? Check out the following videos, or watch more videos on the ERC’s YouTube channel!

Got Sleep? Excerpts from the ERC WorkshopGot Sleep? Excerpts from the ERC Workshop
Check out a 2-minute clip with tips from our Got Sleep workshop courtesy of BU Today.

Memory and Learning; Study Smarter, Not HarderMemory and Learning; Study Smarter, Not Harder
Our 50-minute workshop outlines how to turn short-term memory into long-term memory, which can help reduce stress and the need for cramming.

For any questions about Academic Skills, please contact Sarah Farkas, Assistant Director of Mentoring & Outreach, at; or call the ERC at 617-353-7077.


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