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If you are thinking about signing up for Peer Tutoring, the Professional Staff at the ERC can help you decide if it would be beneficial for you. Request a meeting with a Professional Staff member if you want to learn more about how to use the program.

I know I want to use Peer Tutoring, what should I do next?

There are two types of appointments available. Before you schedule an appointment, look at this comparison guide to help you determine which best fits your needs.

  • By signing up for a tutoring appointment, you are agreeing to the Peer Tutoring program policies. Please read these before continuing.
  • Appointments are made through our online scheduling software; however, you will be meeting with your tutor face-to-face.

I know the policies of the program, how do I schedule an appointment?

  • Go to the TutorTrac website:
  • Enter your BU login name in the User Name field and your Kerberos password in the Password field (similar to how you log into Student Link).
  • Select the Search Availabilities option to the upper left of the TutorTrac screen.
  • Choose Peer Tutoring in the first drop-down menu.
  • Select the course in which you would like a tutor.
    • Please note, you are only able to request a tutor for courses in which you are enrolled and that we have active tutors for.
    • If you do not see your desired course listed in the drop down, please view the FAQ page.
  • You may adjust the parameters of your time availability by clicking on the days you are available and the time ranges you are free. We recommend that you leave the range as is so the system generates the maximum number of availabilities.
  • Click the Search button at the bottom left.
  • When you find an opening that works for your schedule, click on the time and a new window will open.
    • Green appointments denote a single availability; Yellow appointments denote a weekly availability. Please be sure you are selecting your desired type of appointment.
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: By registering for a weekly appointment, it is expected that you will meet with your tutor at that time and day for the remainder of the semester. You bear the responsibility of maintaining communication with your tutor. Please see the FAQ section first if you have any questions.
  • Select the reason for your tutoring appointment from the options listed.
  • In order to give your tutor a better idea of what you are having difficulties with, we strongly encourage you to add notes for your tutor in the Notes section.
  • Click Save and you will have registered for your selected tutoring appointment.

OR watch our video tutorial on how to make a Peer Tutoring appointment. Remember to adjust the sound on your computer or use the closed captioning feature.

Appointment Confirmation

  • TutorTrac will send you an email containing your tutor’s name and email, as well as the date, time, subject, and location of your tutoring appointment. Please note that TutorTrac can only send email to your account.
  • The next time you log in to TutorTrac, you will see a list of your upcoming appointments at the bottom of the Welcome Screen.
  • You may schedule one weekly appointment per course per semester; you may schedule up to two single appointments per week. REMEMBER: If you sign up for a weekly, you have the option to sign up for a single appointment in addition to your weekly.

To Cancel an Appointment

  • You must give 24-hours notice to cancel an appointment. To cancel an appointment, send an email to your tutor with your name and the time/day of the appointment you wish to cancel.
  • Please note that if you arrive more than 15 minutes after the start of an appointment, TutorTrac will automatically mark you as Missed.

For additional troubleshooting information, please read the Peer Tutoring FAQs.

Please note: You may begin searching for appointments on September 11th.  Prior to this date, you will not have access to the search function.
Schedule an Appointment

Please be sure, when you are signing up for appointments, that you are allotting enough time to get from your class or residence hall to the ERC.

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