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Appointment Comparison Guide

How do I know which type of tutoring appointment is right for me? By using the table below, you can best determine which appointment might be the right fit for your academic needs.

Questions Weekly Appointments Single Appointments
Works best for…
  • Students who have tried ERC tutoring before and want to continue regularly
  • Students who wish to further develop their study skills.
  • Students who want to engage in consistent review of course material.
  • Students who like to collaborate on content, ideas, and study strategies with their peers.
  • Students who want to try out tutoring as an extra resource.
  • Students with a few specific questions for their tutor.
  • Students who are looking for flexible scheduling.
  • Students who prefer to work one-on-one.
Will I meet with the same tutor? Yes, you will meet with the same tutor each week. You will potentially meet with a different tutor each time you sign up for an appointment.
How long will we meet for an appointment? Up to an hour and a half Up to 1 hour
How frequently will our appointments occur? Once a week for the remainder of the semester Just the one time
How many appointments can I sign up for? You may sign up for 1 weekly appointment per course. If you need to meet with a tutor more than once per week, you can make 1 Single appointment in addition to your weekly appointment. You may sign up for up to 2 Single appointments (if available) per course in a week.If you are already signed up for a weekly appointment, you are permitted to sign up for 1 Single appointment.
How many other students will be in the appointment? Up to three, with opportunity to pool your knowledge with other students, reviewing class topics and points of confusion collectively. Just you.
What are students saying about the reason they chose a weekly or a single?
  • “I wanted help each week so I could keep up with material and not just have a crash course right before the test”
  • “I felt I needed more opportunities, outside of lecture, to discuss and fully comprehend the course material. I also could not attend my professor’s office hours, and having these weekly appointments fit my schedule better.”
  • “I work better in a group and liked having other classmates in the appointment”
  • “It’s more helpful to have a constant schedule and routine”
  • “I needed help for an upcoming exam”
  • “I had some questions about a particularly hard concept”
  • “I did not want to make the full time commitment of weekly appointments.”
  • “I wanted to go over what I did wrong on my midterm exam.”
  • “I liked the flexibility with my schedule, seemed like a better fit for me because it was one-on-one.”

Things to Consider

The help you receive from a Peer Tutor will depend very much on what you bring to the table. Peer Tutors do not prepare a lesson plan or review the material from your class. Tutors not only help to answer your questions about confusing aspects of the course, but they also listen to your concerns and help you develop stronger methods of approaching course material.

Single appointments are really for one-time questions. If you think you might need more assistance than our Peer Tutors can handle in the time allotted, you may want to consider Weekly appointments. Single appointments book up quickly during exam times—so remember to plan ahead!

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