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As you get used to your classes, think about how you can best use peer tutoring as a study resource.  The information on these pages will help you become familiar with this program and make solid decisions on what type of resource will make a good fit.  Remember, you can always schedule and Academic Skills Advising appointment to work on your particular study strategies and discuss your support options.  See our Academic Skills page for more information.

“It’s very helpful and it makes you stay on top of the course topics. It also encouraged me to do my homework a week in advance, so I could ask my tutor any questions.”—Student survey response

Need help becoming a more efficient or organized learner? Our peer tutors can complement your classroom experience by providing insight to managing course content and developing effective study skills. Peer tutors are undergrads recruited from across Boston University and recommended by BU faculty. Our services are free to all BU students!

The ERC offers two types of tutoring:

Single Appointments:

During a single appointment, you will meet with a tutor individually for one hour. These appointments are designed for students who:

  • Have a few specific questions for the tutor
  • Want to try out tutoring as an extra resource
  • Are looking for flexible schedule

Weekly Appointments:

During a weekly appointment, you will meet with a tutor for up to an hour and a half each week. Weekly appointments have a maximum of three students from the same course. Weekly appointments are designed for students who:

  • Have tried ERC tutoring before and want to continue regularly
  • Wish to add a consistent element of support to their schedule
  • Like to collaborate on content, ideas and study strategies with supportive peers

Use our Appointment Comparison Guide to determine which type of appointment would be best for you.

Find out what to expect and how to have a productive tutoring appointment.

Before you sign up, read the general policies for the Peer Tutoring program.

Got questions? Read our Peer Tutoring frequently asked questions.

Please keep in mind that Peer Tutoring is only one form of support for your courses. If you have not already done so, we strongly encourage you to talk to your professor, TA/TF, as well as check out our listing of Additional Academic Resources to learn about other types of support available to you.

Are you an undergraduate BU student interested in being a Peer Tutor?
Visit our employment section for more information.

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