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The ERC’s Language Link provides an opportunity for BU students, faculty, staff, and alumni to enhance their foreign language skills in small, informal, conversation groups led by native and accomplished speakers.

Students expand their knowledge of other cultures, increase vocabulary, and improve their pronunciation as an added dimension to classroom learning. The goal is to have fun while increasing confidence and social interaction with others who want to practice foreign/second languages, whether related to coursework or study abroad.

Please note that leaders are not teachers or tutors; they are facilitators of conversation. Language Link is not a class (though a lot of learning takes place), it’s an opportunity to embrace the speaking of languages.  Students do not need to be enrolled in a language course at BU in order to participate in Language Link.

Participants experience the greatest gains when they meet with their group consistently throughout the semester, and are also encouraged to participate in activities that each leader designates (e.g. games, films, trips off-campus, etc.) Participants make an appointment to join their group each week they plan on attending.

The ERC offers the following languages at the novice, intermediate, and advanced level (unless otherwise specified):

Arabic Japanese
Chinese Korean
French Russian
Italian Spanish

Use our Group Selection Guide to determine which group level would be best for you – Novice, Intermediate or Advanced.

Before you sign up, read the policies for the Language Link Program.

American Sign Language

Participants interested in American Sign Language (ASL) conversation groups should contact the Deaf Studies department directly at The office is located at 621 Commonwealth Avenue.

Want to Learn or Practice a Language
Not Offered by Language Link?

If you are interested in participating in a language group that you do not see offered (such as Portuguese) please fill out a Special Request form which is located on the FAQ page.

Visit the Howard Thurman Center on the Lower Level of George Sherman Union to learn more about the free access to the Rosetta Stone software. Please note that you should bring your own laptop and you must go to the center; no remote access is available.

The 200 Word Project

The 200 Word Project is a visual and audio tool comprised of a database of specialized words with pictures and video clips that allow students to hear native speakers pronounce each word. More information is available on the African Studies Center website.

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