PhD Student Directory

This is a partial listing of second-year and above PhD students in the Department of Economics. If you’re trying to reach a PhD student who isn’t listed here, please contact PhD Program Administrator Andrew Campolieto or check the BU Directory.

For a complete list of job market candidates, please see PhD Candidates.

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Ackley, Cal Health Economics, Industrial Organization, Behavioral Economics
Aqeel, Fatima Development Economics, Industrial Organization
Bruhn, Jesse Labor Economics
Busey, Andrew Urban Economics, Economic History, Health Economics
Byambadalai, Undral Econometrics
Cao, Yiming Development, Political Economy, Economic History
Carter, Chelsea E Economic History, Urban Economics
Carvajal, Juan Labor Economics, Political Economy, Applied Econometrics
Casini, Alessandro Econometrics, Financial Econometrics, Forecasting, Time Series
Chan, Tak Lun Lester Game Theory, Industrial Organization
Chen, Yiwen Public Finance, Macro
Cho, Daeha Macroeconomics
Cooke, Kevin Decision Theory, Network Economics
Cruz Gonzalez, Mario Alberto Labor Economics, Development Economics, Econometrics
Cuellar, Pablo Game Theory, Industrial Organization
Domènech, Gerard Labor Economics, Public Economics and Economic History
Fabina, Jacob Macroeconomics, Finance
Feng, Xiangyu Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics
Gao, Buqu Industrial Organization, Applied Theory, Behavioral Economics
Gao, Chen Macro, Finance
Gebresilasse, Mesay M Development Economics, Applied Microeconomics
Gudgeon, Matthew Labor, Public Economics / Political Economy
Gupta, Samarth Personnel Economics, Labor Economics, Development Economics
Guzman-Pinto, Pablo Labor Economics, Development Economics
Ho, Pak Shing Macroeconomics
Huerta, Luis Industrial Organization, Applied Microeconomics
Hyun, Yeseul Labor Economics, Development Economics
Islam, Md Deen International Economics, Development Economics
Ji, Ran Labor, Industrial Organization, Development Economics
Jia, Miaoqing International trade, international finance
Johnson, Will Development Economics, International Trade
Jung, Sung-Yup International Economics, Macroeconomics
Kim, Sanghoon Microeconomic Theory, Industrial Organization
Lecznar, Jonathon Macroeconomics (Primary), Regional Economics, International Economics
Li, Mengmeng Macro Economics, Econometrics
Lim, Gedeon Development
Lin, Henry Industrial Organization, Applied Theory
Liu, Youming Industrial Organization
Lkhagvajav, Enkhjargal (Enjar) Macroeconomics
Lu, Junwen Econometrics
Luo, Siyi Econometrics, Labor Economics
Marcolongo, Giovanna Political Economy, Labor, Development
Martins, Bruno Industrial Organization, Health Economics, Applied Econometrics
McDevitt, Max J Economic History, Labor, Development
Niedermayerova, Petra Labor, Gender, Development
Ortiz, Julio Macroeconomics, Econometrics
Palacios, Maria Dolores Labor Economics, Industrial Organization, Organizational Economics
Park, Cheonghum Labor Economics, Political Economics
Payró, Fernando Micro Economic Theory, Econometrics
Pica, Stefano Macroeconomics
Qin, Anlong Econometrics
Que, Lingfeng Development Economics, Microeconomic Theory
Rahim, Talal Ur Industrial Organization, Applied Econometrics
Ravi, Shree Development Economics, Labor Economics, Public Finance
Richers, Julian Macroeconomics, International Finance
Ross, Phillip H. Development Economics, Applied Microeconomics
Russo, Gianluca Political Economy, Economic History
Sagner, Andres Macroeconomics, Finance, Econometrics
Saponara, Nick Microeconomic Theory, Decision Theory
Sethia, Lelit Microeconomics, International Trade
Shen, Zhouxiang Macroeconomics
Simmons, Joseph Macroeconomics
Smith, Arthur V Macro/Trade
Song, Chenlu Labor, Health Economics
Suchoski, Katrina Industrial Organization, Health
Tarquinio, Lisa Development Economics, Political Economy
Trachtenberg, Danielle International Trade, Macro
Tucker, Lee Labor Economics, Development Economics
Udvari, Zsolt Microeconomic Theory, Industrial Organization
Vannutelli, Silvia Public Economics, Labor Economics, Behavioral Economic
Villar Vallenas, Sergio Macroeconomics
Walsh, Christoph Industrial Organization, Development Economics
Wang, Jingye Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics, Financial Frictions
Weber, Anna Labor Economics
Wu, Meng Development
Xu, Dongwei Macroeconomics
Yan, Fangning Econometrics, Industrial Organization
Yang, Qianyu Macroeconomics, Development Economics
Ye, Guangzhi Macroeconomics
Ye, Han Applied Microeconomics, Labor Economics, Public Policy
Yi, Mingzi Macro-Finance
Yokota, Yoshifumi Microeconomic Theory, Game Theory
Yu, Manni Macroeconomics, Macrofinance, Public Finance
Zhang, Kexin Industrial Organization, Development
Zhao, Nan Game Theory
Zhou, Haoyu Industrial Organization, Applied Econometrics, Applied Micro Economics
Zinnen, Luke S Macroeconomics, Finance