Research Projects

The Center for Space Physics engages in the following fields of research: space plasma physics, magnetospheric physics, ionospheric physics, atmospheric physics, planetary and cometary atmospheres, and fundamental mechanisms in space.

Ground-Based Research

CSP researchers study the Earth’s ionosphere and airglow emission experimentally, as well as ground-based observations of the Moon and other planets.

Planetary Atmospheres

Planetary Atmospheres and Space Science Group

Space Based Research

Center for Space Physics Projects primarily involving flight based instrumentation (rockets or satellites) include:

Current Small Satellites

Current Large Projects:

Past Missions:

Theory and Modeling

Pages discussing theory and modeling efforts within the Center for Space Physics include:

Comparative Aeronomy in the Solar System

Computational Group for Astrophysics and Space Plasma Physics

Proton Aurora

Ionospheric Simulations and Theory Group