Welcome to the Center for Space Physics

The Center for Space Physics (CSP) is a university-based center for research and education in space science and space-related technologies. The CSP constitutes a collaboration between science and engineering faculty at Boston University under a common mission: to advance our understanding of the atmospheres, magnetospheres, and plasma environments of our solar system. This region of space holds special interest because of its relative accessibility through space-based and ground-based sensing techniques, supported by theoretical and numerical modeling, and a variety of advanced data analysis strategies. The insights gained through these efforts help us understand how habitable environments evolve in the cosmos, in addition to having practical relevance in a society that is increasingly reliant on space-based assets.


CSP Turns 30!

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Center for Space Physics (CSP) at Boston University. Since its inception, the Center has become a world-renowned cornerstone for expertise in heliophysics, Earth’s environment, inner and outer planetary science, and beyond. Over its lifetime, the CSP has been home to a large number of graduate students, postdocs, and researchers. We celebrated with a 2 1/2 day event in June of 2018.

Enjoy a slideshow of images through the years and an overview of 30 years of CSP.

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The CSP FY14 Annual Report is available here.
New MAVEN at BU web site available here: http://bu.edu/csp/maven