Using the Computer Labs

How do I log in?

During Registration Week only, you may log in as

name: temp
password: celop

Once classes begin, you will log in with your BU login and Kerberos password. You must also activate your Active Directory account before you can log in to a CELOP computer.

Can I burn a CD or DVD in the labs?
For special projects, such as creating DVDs, see Lesley in the Open Lab or Technology Support in room 253.

Can I use a USB flash drive?
Yes. USB flash drives (left) can be plugged into the socket on the right side of the eMacs (Room 267a) or into the USB extender cables (right) in Rooms 255, 257, and the Open Lab (267b). Please do not unplug the headphones. When you are finished with the USB drive, log out and then pull out the drive.

Can I download pictures from my camera in the labs?
Yes. You can use the Apple iPhoto program to download, edit, and organize your photos or just use Preview to view them. Be aware, however, that there is a limit to how much you may store in your lab folder. Currently, you cannot have more than 250MB in this folder, including your pictures, class documents, and system files. If you need your photos burned to a CD to save space in your folder, see Lesley in 267b.

I did my homework at home on my Windows-based PC. Can I edit and print it on CELOP’s Macs?
You can open any Word, PowerPoint, or Excel for Windows file on our Macs. If you used Microsoft Works, Corel WordPerfect, Sun StarOffice,, or another program, you will need to save your work in Rich Text Format (.rtf) before you can open it in the labs. This is not a limitation of the Macs at CELOP but rather a limitation of Microsoft’s Word.

Can I listen to an audio CD in the lab?
Yes. Just put the CD in the Mac’s CD-ROM drive after logging in. You can use iTunes to control the playback and access track names. Please be sure to use headphones so as not to disturb your fellow students.
NOTE: ONLY USE STANDARD-SIZED CDs! Do not attempt to put mini-CDs or business card CDs in the Mac CD trays or slots. Nonstandard CDs will get jammed.

Can I use Skype or other instant messaging (IM) for audio chats?
Yes. Skype is on the Dock. PLEASE DO NOT SPEAK LOUDLY OR OTHERWISE DISTURB OTHER LAB USERS. See the Skype orientation material (PDF).

How do I turn on the computer?
The power button on the eMac (267a) is on the lower right side of the computer, near the back. On the Mac Minis, the power button is in the back. Your computer might just be asleep, though, so try pressing the space bar first.


I’m used to using a Windows-based PC with a two-button mouse. How can I access the functions I’m used to having from the right mouse button?
Macs can also use a two-button mouse, and we use them in the CELOP labs. In a case where you sit at a computer with a one-button mouse, you can still access right-clicking features by holding the Control key and clicking the mouse button at the same time.

How can I learn more about using the labs? Is there an orientation or someone to help me?
There is a lab orientation video that all students should watch during Registration Week. This QuickTime video file is also available on the Dock of all lab computers. Lesley Andrews, the Lab Assistant, is available to help you in the Open Lab in the afternoons until 6 p.m.

Can I bring in my laptop and connect it to the Internet?
Yes. Both the CELOP and IEC have WiFi. There are also limited wired Ethernet connections in classrooms and lobby areas. Use either the BU (requires VPN) network or the BU (802.1x) network only.

Should I sign up for a BU login account?

Yes. All BU students must have a BU login account. You will probably not use it for your email, but you do need it to access computers and your information on campus. During Registration Week, you will attend a BU Login Account workshop. You can also do it by yourself.

My friend emailed me a file that ends in .exe or .scr, but it won’t open on the Macs.
.exe files are Windows executable files. This means that they are program files designed only to work on PCs running Microsoft Windows. .scr files are Windows screen savers. These can only be used on Windows PCs.

Can I view websites and create documents in my native language?
Yes. All of the computers at CELOP, both Mac and PC, can access web pages in many languages.

Can I install software, such as MSN Messenger, in the labs?

No. We do not allow students to install any software in the labs, for security reasons. Please do not download any software, as you will not be able to install it. Most programs you need are already installed, including

  • Web browsers (Safari, Firefox)
  • Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel)
  • Audacity (sound recorder)
  • IM clients (MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Skype, etc.)
  • many applications to help you learn English

Is there a limit to how much I can save in my MLL folder?
Yes. You may not have more than 250MB in your MLL folder. This includes all of the system files needed to store your bookmarks, preference, etc., in addition to your photos, documents, recordings, and other classwork.
NOTE: The space in your MLL folder is for class-related documents only. If you need to save files that are not related to your classwork, or files you feel must remain confidential, save them on a USB flash drive, external hard drive, or iPod.

When is the MLL (computer lab) open?
Fall and Spring: 8:30 a.m.–6:00 p.m.
Summer: 8:30 a.m.–5:00 p.m.
Between semesters: 9:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m.

In the morning and afternoons, scheduled classes are held in MLL Rooms 255, 257, and 267a, so they will not be open for student use unless you are in one of those classes. You may use the Open Lab in 267b during class time, unless it has also been reserved for a class. The Lab Assistant, Lesley Andrews, is available to assist students in the Open Lab in the afternoons.

Why can’t I have food or drink in the labs? My first class is in the MLL (computer lab) and I need my morning coffee!
We need to maintain our computers for all CELOP students to use. In addition to being unsanitary, eating or drinking at the computers can easily damage equipment. Even a little coffee spilled in a keyboard will ruin it beyond repair. Please do not bring any food or drink into the MLL or you will be asked to leave.

Does the MLL (computer lab) have a lost and found?
The CELOP Front Desk has a “Lost and Found” box. We are not responsible for any items you may leave behind in the labs. This includes disks, drives, cell phones, notebooks, cameras, bags, iPods, laptops, etc. If it has not been turned in to the Front Desk, try asking Lesley.

Can I view anything on the web while in the MLL (computer lab)?
While we do not filter web content, we will not tolerate students using the MLL computers to view pornography or other inappropriate or offensive content. Any student caught using the labs in this way will lose their lab privileges and will be reported to the Student Advisor for further disciplinary action.

I’m a continuing student. Where are my documents from last semester?
We archive all student document folders at the end of every semester. If you need anything from the previous semester, please see the Technology Coordinator in Room 253. He can move your documents into your current folder. We only maintain the folders until the end of the following semester.