Housing and Dining

CELOP students ages 17-25 are guaranteed BU Housing for eligible programs in the fall and spring semesters. Students of any age can live on-campus in the summer semester for eligible programs. If you are applying for BU Housing, you can indicate your room preferences and BU’s Housing office will then assign you based on availability. Specific room preferences cannot be guaranteed. You may be assigned to a single or a quad room in a small brownstone building or a large residence. Living in BU Housing, regardless of your room or residence type, is a great opportunity to live on a US university campus and practice your English with other BU and CELOP students.

For more information on the different housing types and the many locations of residences on BU’s campus, see the Boston University Housing website.

To apply to BU Housing, you must indicate that you want housing in your CELOP Application. After you are accepted into an eligible program, we will send you instructions on how to submit an Online Housing Application. Once you apply, the BU Housing office will process your application and inform you about your room assignment. Students typically receive their room assignments within 2 weeks before their move-in date. Please note that your Boston University Residence License Agreement (application) is a fully BINDING contract. You are unable to change your mind or cancel once you enter your electronic signature (BU ID number) and sign the agreement in your application.

All students assigned into traditional-style residences will automatically be enrolled in a dining plan. Students who live in apartment-style residences, Student Village, or live off-campus may also choose to sign up for a dining plan. Boston University has a variety of dining options available for students across the campus. For information on the choices, click here.

For information on Boston University Housing and Dining Plan Rates, see the following links:

Important Information

BU Housing does not provide bedding, towels, or pillows. You will need to bring those items or purchase them when you arrive in Boston. There are many stores near or on the BU campus where you can purchase them. You may also want to take a look at this list of available on-campus services and amenities.

  • All BU Housing options are secure and have a Resident Assistant available to help you adjust to your new home.
  • Boston University does not provide housing for married couples or students with children.