Student Life

Welcome to CELOP’s student life section. Find out more about what it means to be a CELOP and Boston University student by exploring the following sections of our site:

  • Student Life
    • CELOP Activities – get a sneak peek of activities that CELOP students participate in outside of the classroom
    • Campus Resources – get a feel for the wealth of resources you will have access to studying on a university campus
    • Things to Do in Boston – see examples of things to explore in Boston, a student city with tons of things to do for everyone
    • CELOP’s Conversation Partner Program – apply to participate in CELOP’s conversation partner program and get matched with a Boston University student who is studying your language
  • University Admissions – find important resources for university admissions and see how CELOP can assist you in the application process
  • CELOP’s Student Handbook – review important CELOP information and policies