Resources for Current Students

This page has many resources to help you during your time as a CELOP student.
Please check this page regularly for updates throughout the semester.

All CELOP students are required to read, understand, and follow the rules and guidelines in the Student Handbook. We hope you have a great semester!

The ESL Resources page includes over 200 links related to studying English. Here, you’ll find everything from general reference materials to audio/video sources to practice tests.

The CELOP Student Share is an area for students to store their files.

As a CELOP student, you are required to be in compliance with Boston University rules and regulations.

You can always check your Compliance status by visiting the Student Link.

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Boston University requires that ALL BU students update certain personal information every semester, including:

  • address,
  • emergency phone number,
  • immunization status,
  • motor vehicle registration.

Watch the video to learn how to check Compliance.

Forward your BU email to your personal email (the account you read every day).


Watch the video to learn how to forward your email.

Everything you need to know about using the Computer Labs.

The labs are a great resource during your time at CELOP, whether for classwork, self-study, or staying connected to home.

If you need help with a topic not listed in this section, please contact us directly.

To request a letter from our Admissions Department, please complete and submit this form: