Elective Classes

In addition to Core classes, Elective classes are specialized classes that students can choose when applying to semester (12-week) programs. The purpose of Elective classes are to:

  • 1Supplement and reinforce Core classes in specific skill areas that students want or need to strengthen.

  • 2Allow students to explore specialized areas of need or interest not extensively covered in Core classes.

  • 3Introduce an element of student choice, empowerment, and personalization into the overall academic program.


Sample of Elective Classes

CELOP offers a variety of Elective classes each semester for students at different English levels. Some Elective classes are not available in all semesters or at all levels, so sometimes accepted students are not able to take their first choice of Elective. Continuing students may be required to take specific Elective classes as a condition of moving to a higher English level.
These are samples of Elective classes:

You will improve your speaking and listening and develop your vocabulary in this project-based class. You will learn actively with other students when you do presentations about your country and culture, engage in experiential learning, practice using English in real-life situations, and learn about American culture and customs through holiday-based projects and other activities. This class is for students in the elementary level.

This course will help you improve your writing skills by teaching you the elements of clear, cohesive, and grammatically correct English writing. You will also work on proofreading, editing, and revising.  Intermediate students will learn how to plan their writing and organize their ideas into paragraphs. Advanced students will review organizational techniques for developing and presenting their ideas, will learn how to paraphrase, and will understand the importance of attributing material from outside sources.

If you are preparing to take the internet-based TOEFL examination (iBT) for university admission, this course will help you improve your test-taking skills so that you can increase your score. You will prepare for the whole examination with practice tests and other activities. This is an intensive exam-preparation course, and you will be required to do regular homework assignments.

This course is designed for students who are preparing to take the academic IELTS examination for university admission. Using level-appropriate material, you will cover the test-taking skills and strategies you need to increase your score. You will prepare for all four sections of the academic stream of the IELTS examination:  reading, listening, writing, and speaking. This is an intensive exam-preparation course, and you will be required to do regular homework assignments.

This course is designed for students preparing to take the SAT for admission to an American university. You will prepare for the mathematics and verbal sections of the SAT. You will work on the language and technical skills needed to succeed and improve test-taking strategies to help increase your scores on both sections of the test. This is an intensive exam-preparation course, and you will be required to do regular homework assignments.

This course will help you improve your listening and speaking skills. Speaking activities will help you to communicate your thoughts more fluently and accurately. By listening to a variety of recorded materials (television, internet, etc.) and practicing note-taking, you will improve your listening comprehension. You will also increase your knowledge of English vocabulary, focusing on idiomatic expressions and academic and specialized vocabulary related to class topics.

This course will help you improve your reading and oral communication skills through discussion of readings from a variety of sources.  You will also learn methods to help you understand unfamiliar words and increase your vocabulary.

This course will help you pronounce English more clearly and fluently and improve your listening comprehension. You will practice the rhythm, stress, and intonation patterns of English, individual vowel and consonant sounds, and word and syllable endings. Class activities will include practicing strategies that will help others understand you better, small group discussions, class presentations, and listening activities to improve your comprehension.

This course examines the American legal system and its impact on American society and business. You will learn how the legal system functions, looking at both criminal and civil law, the jury system, and significant cases which have shaped American society. You will work on building your vocabulary, and improving your speaking, reading, and critical thinking, while gaining an understanding of American culture and history. Course activities and materials may include debates, legal news stories, videos of actual or fictional cases and field trips.

This course will help you learn how to communicate in oral and written English in business settings so that you can interact more effectively in the global marketplace.  You will learn strategies for and practice giving presentations, participating in and leading meetings, conducting interviews and making telephone calls.  You will write a range of business communications such as letters, emails, memos, reports, resumes and business plans.  Attention will be given to intercultural considerations

This course will focus on current events, such as politics, social issues, science, health and psychology, the environment, arts and entertainment, humor. Specific content will be determined by student interest and relevance during the semester. Media sources may include the Internet, newspapers, television, radio news and news magazine programs. Oral work may include group discussions and other speaking projects, such as news panels, debates, role-plays, presentations, and interviews.