Our Pre-MBA program is an intensive English program designed to prepare you for the rigors of a graduate business school environment.

The program is open to those entering an MBA or graduate diploma program, as well as business professionals who plan to apply to an MBA program in the future. When registering for this program, students may enroll in the full 6-week program, consisting of three 2-week modules. Students may also select any two consecutive modules.


Entrance Requirements

In addition to the standard CELOP application materials, students applying to pre-MBA programs also required to submit:

  • Proof of advanced English proficiency by submitting an 90 iBT or 6.0 IELTS score.
  • A copy of your CV/resume.
  • A brief statement of purpose (300 to 500 words) describing your professional experience and what you hope to get out of this course.
  • If you have been accepted to an MBA or graduate business program for the fall, we require a copy of your acceptance letter.
  • If you have not been accepted, an undergraduate degree and at least 2 years of related work experience are required.


Program Modules

This module will contain readings that cover culture, multi-national business and business expansion.

This module will contain readings that cover knowledge management, innovation, corporate learning, and managerial decisions.

This module will focus on the constant drivers of free enterprise: competition and market forces. The module contains readings that demonstrate success or failure of firms that identify and leverage existing market forces to their benefit or fail to do so.


Module Components

All modules include the following components:

This program will help you build the English language skills that are essential to being successful in your MBA or graduate business diploma program. You will improve your speaking and listening by discussing business cases, developing oral presentations and listening to management lectures. You will learn to take notes, identify critical material and explain your points in clear and accurate English, in speech and in writing.

Working from materials such as case studies, textbooks, and articles from business publications, you will read about the business concepts, current issues, and vocabulary of the corporate world. You will also develop the communication skills you need to succeed in an MBA program; effective presentation skills, discussion techniques, team meetings and more.

Your instructors will provide insight into the U.S. university system and American professors’ expectations of their students. You will also have access to CELOP’s extensive advising services. If you are applying to an MBA or graduate diploma program, our advisors will guide you through the process.

The program may include guest lectures by business professionals, and tours of local businesses, government offices and other places of interest. These activities provide the real-world perspective you need to fully prepare for your MBA experience.


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