Student Organizations

CAS Dean’s Hosts

The Dean’s Hosts are a selected group of students dedicated to serving the College of Arts & Sciences community and representing the Dean’s Office.  An integral component of Spring Open House, these CAS ambassadors are also granted frequent opportunities to develop their communication, leadership, and networking skills throughout the year.  For more information visit the Dean’s Hosts Website.


CAS Peer Mentors

The CAS Peer Mentors are a selected group of students who voluntarily serve as role models and valuable resources to CAS first-year students.  Thoroughly trained in counseling and advising techniques, the Peer Mentors are tasked with easing the transition of the newest members of the CAS community through FY101. For more information visit the Peer Mentor section on the FYE Website.


CAS Student Government

The CAS Student Government is an elected body that acts as a liaison between students, faculty, and administration and works toward improving the CAS student experience.  In addition to allocating funding to student organizations, the CAS Student Government also sponsors a host of activities such as the fall apple-picking trip, spring formal, CAS Movie Night and Coffee at Finals. For more information, please click here.


Get Involved!

For a complete listing of BU’s 450+ student organizations, please visit our friends in the Student Activities Office.