Computer Labs

CAS IT manages two computer labs for classroom use: room 327 and room 330. Both labs have projectors and printers. Every computer has basic productivity software installed, as well as other software packages depending on the scheduled courses.

Reserving for class
The schedules for 327 and 330 can be seen at our calendar website or by clicking on a lab’s individual page. Regularly scheduled courses for 327 should be made through normal course-scheduling channels. Other requests for 327 and all requests for 330 can be made through 25Live, through e-mail, by submitting a help ticket.

Software installation
Please make software requests as early as possible. We require a minimum of 2 weeks to install software in our labs. Once the software is installed, please make an effort to stop by and test it before class.

Card Access
Students registered for a classes in our labs may request card acccess to our labs for the hours of 8am – 10pm, 7 days a week. To get access, stop by our office in room 331 during business hours and bring your BU ID.

All CAS students are provided with an initial print quota. To use our printing system, you must link your account to the AD domain. Both 327 and 330 have printers. Students may purchase more printing capacity with cash by stopping by our front desk in room 331.

File Server Folders
Server folders may be requested prior to the start of the semester to store course documents. Students enrolled in the course will be provided with their own personal folder. The instructions below outline how to connect outside of the computer labs.

Accessing class server folder Windows 10

Accessing class server folder Windows 7 and 8

Accessing class server folder on Mac

Room Calendars
Schedule and information for 327
Schedule and information for 330