Borrowing Equipment 

  • What equipment do you have
    • Laptops: we loan laptops out for office work or use with the projectors in classrooms. These are intended for short-term (less than a day) loans.
    • Projectors: there are two portable projectors available for loan.
    • Adapters: we have adapters and cables for almost any audio/visual connection.
    • Other: we also have visual presenters, microphones, webcams, and some conferencing equipment (e.g. Jabra).
  • How do I make an equipment reservation?
    • You can check and reserve equipment through e-mail or you can submit a help ticket. Reservations are for faculty and staff only.  Students will require a full-time employee to make the reservation on behalf of the student.

 Equipment Disposal

  • How do I dispose of old equipment?
    • We provide environmentally responsible disposal of old equipment, including old toner cartridges, CPUs, monitors, and other peripherals. Just submit a help ticket with details on where the equipment is and we’ll arrange for a pick up.
  • What kinds of equipment do you take?
    • We dispose of any electronics, including monitors, computers, peripherals,etc.  We also collect floppies and hard drives for media destruction
  • Do you ever reuse old equipment?
    • Yes, all of the time.  In many cases, with a little rehab and a few new parts, many computers can be repurposed for general access computers for students or in some cases replacement of equipment in other departments that have older machines.

Crashplan backup service

CAS Information Technology provides desktop and laptop services to faculty and staff.  There is a one time licensing charge of $78 that will allow you to backup the data on up to 4 devices, including smartphones and tablets (depending upon the models).  For more information, either submit a help ticket or contact
Filemaker Database Hosting

CAS Information Technology provides Filemaker Database hosting.  We currently host over 300 databases for various departments and we can host yours as well.  Let us know if you have database hosting needs and we can work with you.

Here is the link for the Filemaker Databases on

Here is the link for the Filemaker Databases on

Here is the link for the Filemaker Databases on

Here is the link for the Filemaker Databases on

Virtual Desktops

Please see this page for information on virtual desktops