Purchasing Software

CAS IT can help you select and purchase hardware and software to best match your needs. For assistance, please submit a help ticket.



Microsoft and Adobe Software:
Adobe Software is free for undergraduates and faculty in CAS, and $75 for others. For more information about Adobe software, click here.

For Microsoft software pricing and availability, click here.

Statistical software (JMP, SPSS, SAS):

JMP and SPSS are provided free of charge under Boston University’s site license for faculty and staff teaching and conducting academic research. Visit http://www.bu.edu/tech/support/desktop/distribution/statistics/ for more information. A BU login is required.

SAS (Statistical Analysis System)
SAS can be accessed via http://www.bu.edu/tech/support/desktop/software/acsunix/software/stats/sas/ or purchased from BUMC.

The University has a site-license for MATLAB available to students, faculty and staff. For more information: http://www.bu.edu/tech/support/desktop/distribution/mathsci/matlab/

Under Boston University’s site license, X-Win32 is available for all students, faculty and staff to download. http://www.bu.edu/tech/support/desktop/software/windows/x-win32/

Stata must be acquired from the company at its website.

ArcGIS is available for any faculty, students, and staff of Boston University.  To acquire  ArcGIS, please submit a help ticket.

Two versions can be obtained free here: https://informatics.perkinelmer.com/sitesubscription/#B

Other Software
For other software packages, SHI, also accessible through the Sourcing and Procurement site with BU-specific pricing, offers many software packages used on campus. If there are packages not offered through SHI that you need, please contact our office and we can help obtain pricing.