Borrowing Equipment


  • How do I make an equipment reservation?

    • You can check and reserve equipment by submitting a help ticket or by sending us an e-mail.
    • Reservations are for faculty and staff only.  Students will require a full-time employee to make the reservation on behalf of the student.
    • Reservations are short-term only. (e.g. a few hours or a day)
  • What equipment do you have?

    • Laptops – We loan laptops out for office work or use with the projectors in classrooms. They come equipped with Microsoft Office, Skype, Adobe Reader, Firefox, Cisco VPN client, and UIS.
      5 Macbook Pros
      4 Windows machines (Lenovo)
    • Adapters – we have adapters and cables for almost any audio/visual connection.
      MiniDisplayport/Lightning to VGA
      MiniDisplayport/Lightning to HDMI
      MiniDisplayport/Lightning to DVI
      MiniDisplayport/Lightning to Ethernet
      USB-C to VGA
      USB-C to HDMI
      USB-C to Ethernet
      Various DVI, MiniDVI and MiniHDMI adapters
    • Audio/Visual – we have visual presenters, microphones, webcams, and some conferencing equipment.
      3 Projectors
      2 Conference Webcams (wide-angle webcam + microphone)
      1 Elmo Visual Presenter
      1 Jabra speakerphone
      2 MXL microphones
      4 sets of USB speakers
      2 wireless clickers for presentations