Boston University: Student Village Phase 2

Project Overview

The Commonwealth Avenue Improvement Project is a public works project directed by the Massachusetts Highway Department (MHD) in partnership with the City of Boston and Boston University. Following a decade of planning, the overriding goals of the project are to significantly improve pedestrian safety and to enhance the environment of the University's core campus from Kenmore Square to the Boston University Bridge. The McCourt Construction Company is the contractor for the project which began in late August of 2006 and is expected to be completed during the fall of 2008.


When finished, the project's enhancements will include; improvements and modifications to sidewalk and crosswalk widths; the creation of neck downs at intersections to shorten pedestrian crossing distances; and traffic calming measures designed to reduce vehicular travel speeds and improve overall pedestrian safety. The roadway improvements will minimize traffic congestion and increase pedestrian safety. Traffic flow will be improved by two changes in the present roadway. A westbound traffic lane will be removed from Commonwealth Avenue and an additional turning lane will be added at the intersection of Commonwealth Avenue and the Boston University Bridge. Safety will also be improved through the installation of new traffic signaling, pedestrian access, and articulated crosswalks. Also the MBTA stations will be expanded to provide more gathering and waiting space.


In addition to the infrastructure enhancements, the University’s main thoroughfare will be significantly beautified with presence of new trees, shrubs, plantings and flora, attractive lighting, street furniture, raised planters, and sidewalk pavement treatments, reflecting the boulevard character of Commonwealth Avenue.


Boston University and its neighbors, the City of Boston, and the Massachusetts Highway Department are working together to ensure that the project’s goals of improving pedestrian safety and significantly enhancing the area’s physical beauty are met in a timely and efficient manner. Given the scope and duration of this public works improvement project and its potential impact on University programs and operations, the University has taken steps with the MHD, the City of Boston, and McCourt Construction to ensure that the Boston University community is fully informed of ongoing project activities on a timely basis in order to help minimize future disruptions and inconveniences.


Towards that end, this website will contain updated information on project activities and mitigation measures to ensure public safety and allow subscribers of this website to plan accordingly. Please visit the Project Update section of this website for news and current information on the Commonwealth Avenue Improvement Project as it progresses. We are here to help keep you informed!