The Boston University Marine Program provides a rigorous, interdisciplinary education in marine science. Our curriculum encompasses biologic, chemical, geological, physical oceanography, and the spatial dynamics of marine systems. All Marine Science majors and minors complete the Marine Semester , an intellectually and physically demanding sequence of four consecutive research-based courses. This often-transformative experience immerses students in faculty research and exposes them to pressing issues impacting marine ecosystems. We strive to prepare our graduates for top jobs in marine science and for positions in elite graduate programs.

We aim to increase marine literacy and contribute to the worldwide effort to preserve and protect threatened marine ecosystems and sustainably manage critical marine resources. The BU Marine Program includes courses and faculty from both Biology and Earth & Environment . Your coursework will take you from the Boston waterfront, to the deck of a NOAA research vessel plying the waters of Massachusetts Bay, to the crystal clear waters along the MesoAmerican Barrier Reef.