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There are 10 comments on Is Breaking Up Amazon, Facebook, and Google a Good Idea?

  1. Just wanted to say I really enjoyed this article. Nice job letting experts in the field tell us what we should know so we can think about the issue with the relevant information and not policy being the primary message.

  2. Google, Facebook and Amazon are all biased and dishonest. Do they need to be broken up and marginalized? Absolutely. Each are one sided socialists that endanger our country. They have to be stopped.

    1. I have only gotten two things in 20+ items I have ordered and both times Amazon returned it. One time I was too late for free returns so had to pay shipping but they still gave me my money back and it was in a gift card form too. I didn’t think without having my bank card in they would do that. But literally the next day my money was back.

      One time their Amazon gift card didn’t peel properly and got wrecked and we had someone contact us within minutes live over their chat line and they funded me anyways. Somehow they knew the gift card I bought even though we didn’t know the number due to the peeling but I got my 25$ in.

      Also Nintendo did that with us too. They helped us when I wanted to get BOTW DLC 1 and 2 for the Master Sword Trials and the card peeled wrong after contacting them they immediately funded me my amount. We just gave them some of the readable numbers and they seem to understood.

  3. It is about choice and total domination. Too few people are now in control of too much money and power. Breaking up the Bell System drove competition. Competition is good for capitalism. Capitalism left unregulated leads to the direction are country is headed where the rich get richer. We all need to understand this to get why Socialism is gaining so much strength here in America. Socialism is a desperate cry from those left behind and that now includes a huge percentage of Americans.

  4. Google, Face Book and many other tech giants are monopolies.
    They must be broken up.

    The negative influence of these companies on the world as a whole are well documented.

    The most egregious crime against humanity by Big tech is the relentless attack on free speech.

    This article is merely the author and the chosen pundits (who probably want to consult for big tech) making excuses for big tech.

    How can innovation be crippled by the break up of big tech? Innovation will flourish as the little guy gets a fighting chance.

    So break up big tech, the world will be better for it.

  5. Google, Facebook and Amazon refuse to allow differing political views be published. They are all exceedingly left leaning. The owners and staff support socialist views for our republic, which would be OK if the allowed the ability for conservative views as well.
    They should be broken up and regulated.

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