Contemplating Life, Death, and the Hereafter. Robotic surgery for prostate cancer. Calculating the age of stars by measuring their velocities. Figuring out Boston’s urban metabolism. The theory and practice of Chinese calligraphy. Who thinks this stuff up? BU professors, students, and researchers, that’s who. Running your eye down the list of the dozens of research projects happening at BU this past year is an education unto itself. To have so many people devoting so much thought and energy to such intriguing topics speaks volumes about the University’s priorities and capabilities. Keep reading...



Concussion repercussionConcussion repercussion BU scientists research the effects of brain trauma on athletes.

When stuff takes overWhen stuff takes over Hoarding is the subject of a BU dean’s new book.

A fitting endA fitting endWhat does the med school do with the cadavers they use?

Going longGoing long Why do some people live into their 90s? BU researchers investigate.

Making connections in KenyaMaking connections in Kenya BU researchers help HIV-infected workers return to full productivity.