Thinking with our hands, feet, and other body parts. So what do you do at BU when your brain needs a little rest? Dozens of clubs, concerts, lectures—not to mention the city of Boston itself—all vie for our attention every day, making the R&R choices difficult at times. Origami Club, BU Fatakada, Aural Fixation, Organic Gardening Club, Marching Band—that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Despite these sorts of challenges, students manage to make their extracurricular lives as fulfilling as their academic ones. Keep reading...



C’mon BUC’mon BU The BU community gets its comeuppance in this very funny video.

KendoKendoJoin in some of the "un-varsity" sports you’ll find at BU.

B-ball with ObamaB-ball with Obama“The President? Wants me to play a game of hoops?”

Showing the way in HaitiShowing the way in HaitiBU students produce maps for relief and rebuilding efforts.

BU Today SessionsBU Today Sessions Bands, bands, and more BU bands.