Tweets, re-tweets, and other ways to think out loud. You’ve got all your great thoughts—now it’s time to share them. One of the most exciting occurrences in an academic community is getting together with others and hashing it out. Whether it’s Beowulf’s motivation, quantum cryptography, or where to get the best pizza in Boston, members of the BU community will eagerly discuss any subject. Any time. Any forum. Any topic. Keep reading...



A meetin’ of the StephensA meetin’ of the StephensColbert interviews Prothero. Too fabulous.

Visit the BUniverseVisit the BUniverseA new way for the BU community to share ideas.

iPhone NutritioniPhone NutritionA BU grad student develops a calorie counter app.

40 years later: redemption40 years later: redemptionThe Class of 1970 finally gets its graduation.

Swearing is good for youSwearing is good for youJust watch the %$#&! video already!