Imagining the possibilities. At the heart of the University is its academic energy, a kind of pedagogical engine room powering BU along its plotted course. Academics are where all parts of the University come together and affect each member of the community in ways big and small. That’s why the first section of the Annual Report is devoted to academic news from the past year. Keep reading...



Pinsky the poet-performerPinsky the poet-performer Watch Robert Pinsky do his thing with the BU Jazz Band.

The death of Howard ZinnThe death of Howard Zinn We mark the passing of this influential thinker and teacher.

BU’s own “Project Runway”BU’s own “Project Runway” Students make a man’s jacket in Costume Production II.

University Honors CollegeUniversity Honors CollegeUHC comes online and breaks new ground.

A talented trioA talented trioThree new deans bring fresh energy to their respective colleges.