Weekly Groups

The next meeting of the Aphasia Community Group will be  Saturday, October 17th, from 11:00 – 2:00 at 635 Commonwealth Ave, Room 101.

Join us in an aphasia-friendly environment to practice conversation, watch and discuss films, improve writing skills, or learn the basics of computers. Sample descriptions of our weekly groups are provided below. For times and locations, please see the current semester’s program.

Please note that Registration may have closed. We can put you on our contact list to receive further information for upcoming events and groups.

For more information, please contact Elise Spencer at 617-353-0197.

Registration & Fees

Registration occurs one month before semester programs begin in the fall, spring, and summer. The fee is $100 for each group in which you are enrolled. You will receive an invoice for your groups during the third week of the session. We accept cash or checks payable to: Trustees of Boston University/ARC.

Conversation Group

This group addresses functional communication through talking, gesturing, drawing, and writing.  While sharing experiences and interests, participants practice effective strategies to exchange ideas and develop connections through communication.

Aphasia Book Club

This group reads written text and meets to discuss its content and ideas. The “book” is about 300 pages in length, chosen by the group members from a choice of four or five offered texts. Members may read the text in print and/or listen to the text via iPod CD.

Newsletter Group

Many people with aphasia struggle with writing. This group focuses on the fundamentals of simple sentences, working toward more complex narratives. By the end of the semester, the group produces a newsletter, The Aphasia Times, on behalf of the Aphasia Community Resource Center. Members are encouraged to work in teams on specific tasks designed to meet their individual writing goals.

Computer Group

We teach basic computer skills in an aphasia-friendly environment. Group members learn to navigate the Internet, communicate with others by email, and use other computer programs of their choosing. The group focuses on increasing communication among group members and improving discrete forms of language such as reading, typing, and following auditory instructions.

Classic Film Group

This group watches and discusses one to three films each semester.  Members view the films in chapters over the course of the semester and discuss them weekly.

Writing Group

In this group, participants work on the fundamentals of writing and spelling at a single word level, progressing to simple sentences. Tasks focus on functional language to help with daily challenges such as list-making, Internet searches, and email.

Community Connection

This group uses structured activities to focus conversation around central themes, ending with a community visit. In each session, we work progressively through the chosen theme, allowing group members to build vocabulary and increase their communication effectiveness. In the final week, the group visits a local destination that exemplifies the theme.  Our aim is to keep each session interesting and meaningful, having fun while we share ideas and experiences.

Function and Fitness Group

Our goal: enhancing walking ability, balance, and daily mobility. The skills learned in this group will help improve an individual’s ability to engage in community activities. Participants should be able to walk independently in the household AND at least two blocks in the community (with or without a cane or brace).

Games Group

Join us for a fun hour of playing games each week.  Using a wide variety of favorite board games, we work on coordination, fine motor skills, and communication skills. We also explore activities that can provide enjoyment at home.

Performing Arts Group

Do you love to sing or play an instrument? Enjoy reading poetry? Like to dance? Are you theatrical? Everyone has some talent—we’ll help you find yours. Join us as we work to practice and develop our individual and group talents each week. At the end of the semester, group members put on a show for the Aphasia Community Group.