EdM in Science Education

The EdM program serves those who seek to advance their knowledge of science education but who do not need licensure. EdM students work closely with their advisors to design a program unique to their interests.

Coursework and Requirements (36 credits)

Core Coursework (16 cr)

  • SED RS 600 Introduction to Research (4 cr)
  • Three courses in Curriculum and Teaching (12 cr)

Elective Coursework (20 cr)

Students select five elective courses with emphasis on science content for a total of 20 credits. Elective coursework is chosen in consultation with an academic advisor. Electives may include science courses at the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences.

Global Ecology Education Certificate Integration

The unique four-course (16-credit) Global Ecology Education Certificate program can be used as a stepping stone into the EdM program, or four courses can be taken in the EdM program wherein the student can receive the Certificate and take a Global Ecology Education specialty track under the advisement of GEE program director and ecologist Douglas Zook. For more information, visit the Global Ecology Education Certificate Program website and the 16-Credit Certificate Program website.

Improving Teaching of Physics (Project ITOP) Integration

In collaboration with the Department of Physics, a sequence of 10 two-credit courses is offered for the professional development of physics teachers. These courses are open to MAT students. The courses review fundamental concepts of physics in the context of the physics education research literature and the conceptual history of physics. For the latter, selections from original sources are used. For further information, contact Professor Peter Garik, 617-353-4735.