EdD in Curriculum & Teaching

Students in the Curriculum & Teaching doctoral program gain a thorough understanding of key areas essential to professional leadership in education. These include building a solid academic content foundation; strengthening the knowledge base and professional skills pertinent to forming, designing, implementing, and evaluating specific educational programs; and developing research capabilities for conducting and evaluating research.

Students may pursue study in one of the following areas of specialization:

  • Early Childhood Education
  • Educational Media & Technology
  • English Education
  • History & Social Studies Education
  • Mathematics Education
  • Physical Education, Health Education & Coaching
  • Science Education

Coursework and Requirements (60 credits)

Core Coursework (24 Credits)

  • SED CT 750 Basic Principles for Curriculum and Teaching (4 credits)
  • SED ED 700 level course (4 credits)
  • 4 research courses (16 credits)

Specialization/Elective Coursework (36 Credits)

Students select specialization and elective courses for a total of 36 credits. Elective coursework is chosen in consultation with an academic advisor. With advisor approval, electives may include courses at the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences.

Comprehensive Examination

The format of the comprehensive examination varies by program of study. Students should consult with their advisor about the form of the exam, which must be completed successfully before proceeding to the dissertation.

Research Dissertation

Each candidate must demonstrate the ability to make a significant contribution in his or her field and to report this contribution successfully in a doctoral dissertation. The dissertation, written under the supervision of a faculty committee, must be based upon original research about a significant topic in the field. Students may enroll in 3 credits of dissertation advisement each semester.