Study Abroad for Engineering Students

The College of Engineering offers a number of study abroad opportunities for engineering undergraduates. Students can study in both the second semester of the sophomore year and in the junior year.

Students have the option to study abroad in the second semester of the sophomore year in programs designed to replicate functionally equivalent courses of those taken at Boston University. These programs are offered in Dresden, Germany; Grenoble, France; Madrid, Spain; and Sydney, Australia. All majors can participate.

Students take three of the following four technical courses: CAS MA 226 Differential Equations, ENG EK 307 Electric Circuits, ENG BE 209 Principles of Molecular Cell Biology and Biotechnology or CAS PY 313 Modern Physics. In addition to engineering courses, students take an introductory course in the local language/host country. These courses are all taught in English and appear on the student’s transcript as Boston University courses. In Sydney, students participate in a 6-week internship program instead of taking a language course.

Junior year direct-enroll programs are also available (in English) at universities in Auckland, New Zealand; Dublin, Ireland; Istanbul, Turkey; Sydney, Australia; or Singapore. In these programs, students enroll in courses already offered at these universities. Students must do the research to identify courses at the abroad site and obtain appropriate approval to use these courses toward the degree requirement.

Through studying abroad in any one of the engineering programs, students are expected to gain the following learning outcomes:

  1. Demonstrate a knowledge of foundational concepts and principles in the technical coursework.
  2. Gain an understanding of the historical, cultural, and social dimensions of technological development in the host country.
  3. Develop new perspectives on one’s own culture and ability to think critically about one’s own values, beliefs, and goals.
  4. Improve problem-solving abilities through daily encounters with life in a different culture and develop a greater sense of responsibility for oneself.

All programs being offered are subject to enrollment capacities. We reserve the right to cancel a program with insufficient enrollment.

Approximately 20 percent of College of Engineering students study in one of these programs each year. For more information, please contact the Study Abroad office.