• COM JO 412: Professional Journalism Internship
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: COM JO 307 and COM JO 308; 3.0 in COM
    Graduate Prerequisites: B average in COM courses, must be a junior or senior.
    Valuable on-the-job practice of journalism skills. Provides student with portfolio of professional work. The student works 150 hours per semester or summer at the internship. Assistance in placement; instructor must approve project. Comprehensive paper, employer evaluation, and portfolio required at end of semester.
  • COM JO 413: Broadcast Journalism Internship
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: COM JO 250; 3.0 in COM, Junior Standing
    On-the-job observation and training at a news website, television, radio station or network. Employer and student evaluations required at end of semester.
  • COM JO 431: Video Enterprise Reporting
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: COM JO 351.
    Broadcast journalism majors only. Students will produce in depth video reports similar to what is seen on network TV news magazine programs, news Web sites or local television series. 4 cr., 2nd semester.
  • COM JO 435: Radio Newsroom Online
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: COM JO 250.
    Students will produce a half hour LIVE news show on the student radio station, WTBU, during each class. Students will report, write, produce and engineer all the news sports and commentary in the program on deadline. Students from London, Washington and State House programs will file stories for the news show. Students will be expected to file frequently and to critique programs from NPR, BBC, WBZ and other audio news outlets. The best productions will be pitched to WBUR and State House clients for their websites. 4 cr. 1st sem.
  • COM JO 437: Special Studies
    Current offerings: Basic Research Methods, offered in the fall, covers on-line reportorial and research techniques. Sampling the Media, offered only in the spring, covers all aspects of the media.
  • COM JO 451: Television Newsroom
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: COM JO 351; and consent of instructor.
    Students produce a half hour newscast, broadcast on cable TV and the Internet, with live coverage and video reports on local, national and international news as well as sports highlights and weather. Students rotate positions weekly, using television studios and the control booth, collaborating to broadcast a fresh, informative and accurate newscast while facing the daily deadlines of a working newsroom. 4 cr, 1st sem.
  • COM JO 490: Directed Studies
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: consent of instructor.
    Graduate Prerequisites: consent of instructor.
    Students work with faculty on individual research, professional training, or special studies.
  • COM JO 491: Directed Studies: Broadcast Journalism
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: consent of instructor.
    Graduate Prerequisites: consent of instructor.
    Students work with faculty on individual research, professional training, or special studies.
  • COM JO 500: Media Criticism
    How well have the media covered the war in Iraq? Do the media have political biases? What effect has Fox News had on the mainstream media? In the face of growing competition from the Internet, what is the future of traditional journalism? Do news-oriented personalities such as Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert elevate or debase the political process? This timely course takes a critical look at the strengths, weaknesses and limitations of the media, including current media controversies. 4 cr. either sem.
  • COM JO 501: Introduction to Business and Economic Reporting
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: COM JO 310.
    Graduate Prerequisites: COM JO 308.
    Comprehensive training in writing business and economics stories, using articles in The Wall Street Journal and other publications as examples. Emphasis on developing clear, simple language to describe complex issues. Articles may be published in teh Worcester Telegram and Gazette. No previous economics or business experience is required. 4cr. either sem
  • COM JO 502: Journalism Special Topics
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: COM JO 310.
    Graduate Prerequisites: COM JO 308.
    Every year several courses have been created under this category to examine current journalism issues in seminar format. See the department for specifics.
  • COM JO 503: Journalism Research
    A rigorous grounding in research and investigative methods from interviews and records searching to computer-assisted reporting and use of the Freedom of Information Act.
  • COM JO 504: Arts Criticism
    This course explores the nature of arts and entertainment criticism, and helps students develop their critical writing skills. Topics include: structuring a review; critical biases; profiling celebrities from a critical perspective; cultural criticism - how to write about entertainment or the arts to make broader points about our culture; and, style - how to get it. Assignments include TV, film and theater reviews, screenings and a trip to a Boston theater. Guest speakers feature some of Boston's most prominent critics. 4 cr, either sem.
  • COM JO 506: Columns and Editorials
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: COM JO 310.
    Graduate Prerequisites: COM JO 308.
    This is a course in writing with a point of view. It includes instruction in op-ed columns as well as personal columns, which are short personal essays.
  • COM JO 508: Electronic Copy Editing
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: COM JO 301.
    This course is designed to train copy editors for newspapers, magazines, and the Internet. The primary focus is on newspapers, but other applications are also considered. Class sessions will focus on writing and editing/copying editing skills, and layout and design skills using Quark Xpress. 4 cr, both sem.
  • COM JO 511: Covering Government and Politics
    This class provides instruction in the covering the legislative process, analyzing data, interviewing, and developing beats. Students will learn writing techniques to help readers understand significance issues. Guest lectures, readings and exercises explore the dynamics of political and public affairs reporting. Taken in tandem with JO546 (Filing for Newspapers) as part of the Boston Statehouse Program and offered separately to graduate and undergraduate broadcast majors in coordination with the broadcast department. 4 cr, either sem.
  • COM JO 512: Editorial Design
    This is a studio course where students learn to design for print. Students will design a newsletter and sample pages for a magazine on topics of their own choosing. Students will learn and design with QuarkXPress, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator. This course covers the principles of typography, composition, and visual language and encourages creative/innovative ideas. All projects will be portfolio pieces.
  • COM JO 513: Advanced Photojournalism
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: COM JO 312; and consent of instructor.
    Graduate Prerequisites: and consent of instructor.
    An intensive course designed to give students the skills necessary to produce professional quality work meeting publication standards, with emphasis on storytelling in the visual medium. Weekly assignments require students to produce original picture packages complete with written material and captions.
  • COM JO 514: Sports Journalism
    A specialized writing course for students interested in a career in sports journalism. Covers game stories, features, columns, and profiles, as well as examining sport as a commercial enterprise.
  • COM JO 515: Multimedia for Photojournalists
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: COM JO 303; Consent of Instructor
    Graduate Prerequisites: Graduate Students must posses basic photography skills.
    Required for photojournalism graduate students. Throughout this course students produce multimedia stories, build a website and launch an online photo gallery of best work.Students learn traditional photo editing skills utilizing a modern workflow. Students are encouraged to be innovarted in storytelling approach, using photo, video, audio and text, and self-publish professional work on their own website.