MFA in Technical Production

Our Master of Fine Arts in Production and Production Management programs provide early-career professionals with the opportunity to cultivate their artistic identities and professional objectives while refining and enhancing their technical and artistic skills and range. Each School of Theatre MFA student receives extensive experience in collaboration with MFA Directing and Design students as well as working with talented BFA performance, design, and production students.

Our program seeks to:

  • Enhance production skills and experience within the wide range of production opportunities.
  • Explore and enhance creative collaborations with directors, actors, designers, and playwrights.
  • Consider the pragmatic aspects of the profession and envision possibilities for new artistic leadership in American theatre.

MFA Production and Production Management students are prepared for substantive careers, either as resident or freelance artists, with special emphasis placed on understanding the American regional theatre and other not-for-profit venues. A “theatre management” option is available that joins the MFA Production and Production Management curricula with a graduate certificate program in Arts Administration at Boston University’s Metropolitan College. Full-time students may complete the program in three years, including summers (two and a half years in residence with a sixth semester option spent in professional internship placement). Most students can expect to receive financial aid in the form of scholarship, living stipend, and teaching assistantships. Admission is highly selective, with the School of Theatre admitting one to three students each year into each of the Technical Production, Costume Production or Production Management programs.

Curriculum Highlights

  • Production opportunities and leadership roles on two productions each year with additional experiences in supporting production on 12 to 15 produced shows per year
  • Preparation and execution of a Thesis that represents the culminating of three years of study
  • Opportunity to work on productions of the Huntington Theatre Company as well as other members of the Professional Theatre Initiative (PTI)
  • Internships with leading regional theatres, shops, and PTI affiliates

Program of Study

(minimum of 60 credits)

First Year 1st 2nd
Matinee 0 0
Colloquium 1 1
Production 2+ 2+
CAD elective - 1
Master Class 2 2
Tech Production 3 & 4 3 3
Scene Design 1 & 2 3 3
Approved elective 2 2
Total 13 14
Second Year
Matinee 0 0
Colloquium 1 1
Production 2+ 2+
CAD Elective 1 -
Lighting or Sound Design 3 3
Scene Painting 1 & 2 2 2
Tech Production 5 & 6 3 3
Total 12 11
Third Year
Internship 4
Matinee 0 0
Production 1
Grad project 3
Total 4 4