Study Abroad Options in Theatre

All School of Theatre students have the option to study abroad. In all cases, students can choose from any of BU’s Study Abroad offerings to challenge their growth and development.

In all BFA Theatre and Theatre Arts majors, the spring semester of the junior year is the designated study abroad semester, which is built into the curriculum for all four majors. Students will work with their academic advisor, faculty mentor, and the BU Study Abroad office to identify and apply for the program(s) they are interested in, beginning in their sophomore year.

School of Theatre students should not feel limited to a semester studying theater, and can explore the dozens of different study abroad programs offered through BU Study Abroad in locations around the world. In previous semesters, students have studied in London, Dublin, Madrid, Paris, Padua, Sydney, and many more. Contact BU Study Abroad for more information about currently available sites for study.

Theatre Studies Abroad

In the event a student does want to pursue theatre studies in their abroad semester, the School of Theatre has established partnerships with conservatory-style, studio-specific training semester programs in London, England, with the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) as well as in Arezzo, Italy, with the Accademia dell’Arte, and also offers a theatre-focused internship track in London, England:

London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA)

The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art is one of the leading drama schools in the English-speaking world. The Academy’s teaching faculty comprises both experienced permanent staff and a number of outside specialists and professionals who focus on classical training. LAMDA studio courses focus on Shakespearean and Jacobean tragedy, as well as Restoration comedy.

Arezzo Physical Theatre Program (Accademia dell’Arte)

The Accademia dell’Arte is an internationally recognized institution providing students of theater, music, and dance the opportunity for an intensive semester of study with world-renowned masters of their craft. The first half of the program comprises daily training in movement, extended vocal techniques, and Italian language. Intensive workshops follow and entail studies in Commedia and an introduction to performance topics including mask-making and clown.

London Internship Program in Theatre (LIP)

SOT students may take advantage of the school’s London Internship Program (LIP). Students enrolled in LIP will study the various aspects of the theatre industry through a unique combination of coursework and hands-on experience in a full-time field placement internship. The professional portion of the LIP allows students to study the theatre industry in one of the most vibrant theatre communities of the classic and modern world. Students are placed in various fields of production, development, administration, casting, or marketing. The academic portion of the LIP includes two phases of study: a first phase of five weeks, followed by a second phase of eight weeks, which includes the internship experience.

External Study Abroad Opportunities

Students may also choose to study with a program that is not partnered with BU. The external study abroad experience is not covered by any financial aid or scholarships. Students choosing a program outside of BU Study Abroad must make sure their program and courses are preapproved by BU and the College of Fine Arts prior to enrollment, should they want to receive course credit. Please reach out to BU Study Abroad to discuss the external study abroad process.

If the external study abroad experience is within the United States, students will need to have their courses preapproved. To have courses preapproved, students need to check BU’s Transfer Equivalency page to see if their program/credits have been previously approved. If they have, simply fill in the information on the Undergraduate External Transfer Course Pre-Approval/Approval form. If courses are not showing as preapproved on the Transfer Equivalency page, students need to complete the Undergraduate External Transfer Course Pre-Approval/Approval form, then print it out. Students will seek approval from the BU department (i.e., a math course would be approved by the CAS Mathematics & Statistics Department) for each course to be reviewed for transfer. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure all completed forms are submitted to the CFA Registrar’s office in the Dean’s office. Students will be notified via email to confirm the content of the course is transferable. Once courses are completed and graded, an official copy of the transcript with grades must be sent directly to the CFA Registrar’s office or emailed to All courses taken outside of BU must earn a C or higher and be equivalent to a minimum of 2.66 credits in order to transfer to BU.