XCC has two signature events for students and faculty that bookend the XCC experience: Launch and the end-of-semester Experiential Learning Expo. Read on to learn about the value of this key programming.


Launch, held at the beginning of each semester, kick-starts XCC and sets the stage for the immersive learning experience ahead. Launch introduces participants to the program’s objectives, its structure, and the resources and guidance available.

Beyond introducing the program, Launch celebrates the highly collaborative nature of XCC. The event’s primary goal is to foster a sense of community and shared purpose among students and faculty participating in XCC. Launch activities facilitate interaction, break down barriers, and encourage collaboration. By participating in Launch, students and faculty are not just starting a program, they are embarking on a journey of discovery and growth.

Experiential Learning Expo

At the end of each semester, XCC participates in the Experiential Learning Expo, a celebration of interdisciplinary collaboration, real-world impact, and the power of experiential learning. The Expo is a joint effort between XCC, the Learning Assistant Program, and BU Spark! and allows students to showcase the work they achieved through their experiential learning experiences. For XCC, the Expo allows students to share their semester-long projects with peers, faculty, and the public. More than 200 students presented their work at the most recent Expo!

To browse examples of projects showcased at previous Expos, visit the featured projects page.

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