Course Information

Are you ready for an immersive academic experience that empowers you to make a real impact?

Welcome to the Cross-College Challenge (XCC), an innovative project-based elective designed exclusively for juniors and seniors from all BU undergraduate schools and colleges.

XCC is not your typical course; it’s a fusion of disciplines, with each section co-taught by faculty from different subject areas across BU’s campuses. Together, you’ll venture beyond traditional learning to tackle a substantial real-world challenge or to unravel an enduring human question along with a community partner who’s an expert in the course subject matter.

XCC is a dynamic 4-credit course that satisfies the following Hub requirements:

  • Intellectual Toolkit Hub requirements in:
    • Creativity/Innovation, and
    • Research and Information Literacy, and
    • Teamwork/Collaboration
  • Communication (varies by course number)
    • Digital Multimedia Expression, or
    • Oral and/or Signed Communication, or
    • Writing Intensive

Each course may be found in the My BU Student portal under course numbers HUB XC 410, 420, 433 or 475. General course descriptions for the various XCC courses may be found in the BU bulletin. Specific course titles by topic may be viewed on the Course Offerings page. In addition, related Hub policies may be found here.

XCC also fulfills requirements for the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Minor open to all BU undergraduates.

The Experience

Four students are presenting their project at an expo.

Throughout the semester, you’ll be part of an interdisciplinary team working on a unique project that tackles a critical social issue head-on. Just like working in a professional setting, you’ll collaborate closely with your community partner, defining project objectives and developing a timeline.

The pinnacle of your XCC experience is presenting your final deliverable – your project – not just to your community partner but also to the public at the Experiential Learning Expo.

“I chose my career based off this class almost solely, so it was a big deal.”

Rebeckah Muratore, Sargent’21


XCC is the signature experience in the BU Hub and allows you to connect with peers and faculty from diverse backgrounds, giving you a wider perspective on the world’s challenges. You’ll hone the ability to examine projects from different angles while working hand-in-hand with external clients who are experts in your field of focus.

Career Readiness

XCC is designed to help you develop key competencies recognized by both the Hub and the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) as critical for career readiness, including communication, critical thinking, and teamwork. Participating in XCC allows you to equip yourself with skills that are highly prized by employers across industries.

“When we think about some of the challenges that I personally want to work on in my life going into public health as a future career path, a lot of those challenges aren’t just one silo, one track—you have to be able to work with other people.”

Wesley Jones, Sargent’21

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