About WOCC

How WOCC Started

In the Fall of 2018, a BU Woman’s Guild (BUWG) member proposed the creation of an affinity group for women of color. A working group was created in the Spring of 2019. The BUWG Women of Color Circle (WOCC) is a result of their work.

The BUWG WOCC is envisioned as:

  • An affinity group for women of color who are members of the BU Women’s Guild. We are defining women of color broadly, including but not limited to those of African, Asian, Hispanic and Latina, Middle Eastern, Native American and Indigenous, and Native Hawaiian descent.


Our commitment to the WOCC community:

  • Maintain partnership between WOCC and the general membership of the BUWG
  • Hold Chat & Chews, provide complimentary Lunch & Learns, workshops, as well as various networking events 
  • Host an annual joint event with the general membership of the BUWG
  • Access the BUWG Member Directory and Members Only webpage

Group shot of 5 WOCC committee members

WOCC Committee

Zephyre “Tess” Carrington, Co-Chair
Jennifer Lloyd, Co-Chair
Seferine Baez, Secretary
Communications: Tasha Coughlin
Recruiting: Rachelle Joseph
Tahlia Bragg
Karen Coleman
Kadambari Rawal






Contact Us

Women of Color Circle, woccbuwg@bu.edu

Sign up to join WOCC via the BUWG membership form.