Boston University
At left, Onlookers including President Robert A Brown, from right, Provost Jean Morrison, and Azer Bestaveros watch as the final beam is put into place during the Topping Off ceremony at the Data Sciences Building September 30. At right, .Covered in signatures, the final beam is put into place during the Topping Off ceremony. A large beam is guided into place by two construction workers on top of the building. The sky is grayish blue.
September 30, 2021
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Data Sciences Building Topping-Off Ceremony

The final beam for the Center for Computing & Data Sciences building on Comm Ave was put in place September 30. After a lunch on the COM lawn for about 350 people, who were able to sign the beam, it was moved to the project site to be hoisted. Among those at the momentous occasion: Robert A. Brown, BU president (from right), Jean Morrison, provost, and Azer Bestaveros, associate provost for computing and data sciences. In the photo at right, the final beam, covered in signatures, is in place. A few of the faculty who’ll work in the building were able to tour the construction site. The event celebrated the “topping-off” tradition milestone and was a thank-you to the workers. Photos by Cydney Scott