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Graduating students share personal stories during Marsh Chapel’s “This I Believe” Sunday

Each year, the staff of Marsh Chapel asks members of the graduating class to share reflections on their spiritual journeys at BU with the Marsh Chapel congregation on the Sunday before Commencement. Students from all of the University’s schools and colleges, whatever their faith tradition, are invited to submit an outline of their talk, and several speakers are then chosen by the chapel staff.

This year’s five speakers represent four BU schools and comprise both graduate and undergraduate students. They range in age from 22 to 59.

Robin Masi (SED’18), an Art Institute of Pittsburgh professor of arts foundations, is graduating with a PhD. Her research focused on using visual artists as highly ethical exemplars in arts education curricula. Anne Marie Kelley (MET’18), a BU IS&T program manager, will graduate with a master’s degree in project management. Evan Armacost (CAS’18, GRS’18) is graduating with both a BA and a master’s in classical studies. In August, he will enter the Midwest Novitiate of the Society of Jesus and begin studying to become a Catholic priest in the Jesuit order, which is known for its commitment to education and social justice. Computer engineering major Nickholas Rodriguez (ENG’18, STH’22) will return to BU this fall, after teaching computer science at an MIT summer camp, to pursue a Master of Divinity at the School of Theology. And after graduation, international relations major and religion minor Maritt Nowak (CAS’18) plans to apply to law schools.

Listen to their stories below.

This I Believe
I believe that when you follow those who have come before you, you always end up in the right place.
Robin Masi
Audio — 3 Minutes, 28 Seconds

This I Believe
Faith gives you the courage and strength to keep moving forward, to overcome obstacles. It gives you hope.
Anne Marie Kelley
Audio — 3 Minutes, 7 Seconds

This I Believe
I resolved in that moment to turn my life back toward God and outside of myself, in whatever way the Lord would invite me.
Evan Armacost
Audio — 3 Minutes, 32 Seconds

This I Believe
I learned to be thankful, to listen, to empathize, and to engage.
Nickholas Rodriguez
Audio — 4 Minutes, 27 Seconds

This I Believe
I came to BU with a desire to change the world; I leave here with the hope that the world will continue to change me.
Maritt Nowak
Audio — 2 Minutes, 59 Seconds


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  • Steve Symes on 05.17.2018 at 9:14 am

    Reflections on Faith – What a nice write up. The personal comments on faith were interesting and I liked how the responses were to different leading statements.

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