Everyone who walks into The Howard Thurman Center is helping to build a welcoming, inclusive community. It’s a place where people with different worldviews, cultures, and philosophies can co-exist while honoring and investigating their own identities.  

Here are three big ways you can become active participant in our community:

1. Come hang out with us!  

The Howard Thurman Center is designed to bring students, faculty, and the larger Boston community together in a beautiful, fun space that’s like your BU living room. The center is open every day during the academic year and it’s open Monday through Friday in the summer. We have comfy couches, games, and incredible student workers who set the vibe with immaculate playlists. 

2. Meet new friends at our weekly programs! 

Our weekly programs give students the opportunity to reflect, relax, have a laugh, or engage in thoughtful chats with other incredible human beings.  You can drop into a program any time, but “regulars” get the chance to build lasting connections with each other over time, which is what we’re all about.  

3. Experience an event!  

The Howard Thurman Center holds special events organized and hosted by our staff. All events tie in thematically with Howard Thurman’s philosophies and the mission of the HTC: to build connections between all people.

In addition, the HTC provides reservable space for events hosted by BU students, BU departments, and outside organizations in the local community.

 If you’d like to book an event for your department, student group, or community organization head here.