Our Space

Our office is located at 808 Commonwealth Ave., Suite 255 on the second floor.

How to Find Us

Directions by elevator

When you enter the front of the building, take a left down the first hallway across from the Howard Thurman Center. Go towards the end of the hallway, and there is a smaller elevator in the stairwell on your left and a larger elevator past the double doors at the end. Take the elevator to the second floor. We are at the opposite corner of the building from the elevator. When you get off of the elevator, go to the end of the hallway. Turn left (in front of the Howard Thurman Center 2nd floor doors) and go all the way to the end of the hallway. We are suite 255 on the right side of the hallway before the stairwell. Many find it helpful to follow the signs for Musicology and Ethnomusicology.

An important note: currently our space is not fully accessible by wheelchair or mobility device without assistance as the doors next to the elevator on both the lower and the second floor do not have an open button. If you need assistance, please email or call us: 617-353-3990.

Directions by stairs

Go all the way through the first floor—past the Howard Thurman Center on your right, past the gallery, through the first set of glass doors, as if you are going to exit the building (by the Booth Theater). In the vestibule before exiting the building, there is a stairwell on the right. Take that stairwell up 2.5 flights of stairs to the second floor (the door exiting the stairwell is white). When you come out of the stairwell, the LGBTQIA+ Center for Faculty & Staff is the first office in the hallway on your left next to Musicology and Ethnomusicology offices.

If you have any issues finding or accessing the center, please call our main line at 617-353-3990.