Innovate in Digital Learning

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We will partner with the Digital Learning & Innovation (DL&I) team to provide best in class educational technology solutions for residential, hybrid, and fully online learning.


This technology priority area’s initiatives flow principally from the BU 2030 Strategic Plan top level priorities of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Vibrant Academic Experience, and Community, Big yet Small. Major themes include technology equity and access, enhancement of learning environments both on campus and online, and the development of new ways to digitally track student engagement and development of competencies through both academic and co-curricular experiences.

Major Projects

Technology Equity and Access

  • Learning Technology Readiness Assessment and Support Program DevelopmentIdentified
    Develop an instrument for student self-assessment of their technology readiness to learn in their BU program, and a process to support students in addressing identified gaps.
  • Student Broadband AccessIdentified
    Develop a formal program to facilitate access to mobile broadband equipment for students that have a financial need and do not have access to high-speed internet.
  • Student Computer AccessInvestigating
    Expand and formalize a program to provide loaner hardware for students who do not have access to the minimum laptop requirement to run software necessary for BU courses. A pilot program is currently being conducted to determine program feasibility.

Enhanced Residential and Online Learning Environments

  • CRC Classroom Technology Upgrades and RenewalActive
    Optimize learning spaces in alignment with pedagogical needs.
  • BUMC Team Based Learning CenterActive
    BUMC is renovating the 4th floor of the Instructional Building, into a dynamic, open space, team-based learning environment to support BUSM’s case-based learning curriculum, the space will also serve as a large venue for special events.
  • Online Student Feedback on CoursesIdentified
    In partnership with the Director of Assessment, investigate (re)deploy a university-wide student course feedback system.
  • Online Degrees at Scale Active
    Continue the creation, delivery  and support for the at-scale Questrom Online MBA.

Student Engagement

  • Co-Curricular Activities/Event Management System and Data AnalyticsIdentified
    Investigate, pilot, integrate, and deploy new activities/events management system that can be part of the integrated student experience (Salesforce), and leveraged to support a holistic view of and support for student learning.
  • Co-curricular Competencies Badging ServiceIdentified
    Assess and expand current PostDoc Academy badging pilot around skill competencies to see how it can be replicated for graduate and undergraduate programs.


      • Students, particularly student learning experiences and outcomes, are at the center of this priority.
      • Faculty will drive decision making and be supported in carrying out experiments, pilots, and full implementations of new or improved strategies and tools.
      • The Classroom Technology Steering Committee will oversee final proposals for Charles River Campus classroom renovation. Medical Campus renovations will be driven by the BUMC Provost.
      • Various university offices engaged in student development and support, such as the Dean of Students, First-Generation Center, Enrollment and Student Administration, and the Provost’s Office broadly, will be engaged.

      We will look to BU 2030 Initiative Owners and/or associated working groups to provide direction for specific projects. Additional input and broad oversight will be provided by the Educational Technology Governance Committee.

      Key Success Metrics

      • Learning Technology Readiness assessment results, number of students assisted in addressing gaps
      • Student and faculty satisfaction with classrooms and educational technology services (survey data)
      • Distribution of technology-rich classrooms enabling BU-supported pedagogies
      • Satisfaction score of faculty on Ed Tech support of their DL&I grant
      • Satisfaction scores of Online MBA students with BU technology Services and the online learning experience