These seven major priorities will be the focus of institution-wide technology services effort over the course of these three years.

At the core is the renewal of our student information systems, which touch most, if not all aspects of the student academic and co-curricular experience.

Each of the seven priorities is further described in the following material, including an overview, scope, key stakeholders, metrics, and sample component projects. Projects may be revised and/or added/removed over the course of the plan execution period.


Strategic projects have been identified in each of the seven priority areas. These projects range in status as follows:

Identified : The project need or idea has been identified, but no other steps have yet been taken

Prioritized : The project has been indicated by the Portfolio Manager(s) as a priority to move forward with resourcing and scheduling investigation and/or implementation

Investigating : An investigation effort is underway to clarify the scope, approach, and solution, including time and resources needed to implement

Proposed : The project has been formally proposed for resources, either current or new

Approved : The project resources have been approved and the project will move into implementation on an approved schedule

Active : The project is in active implementation

Complete : The project is complete