Technology Plan

Our Approach

This plan flows from preparatory steps taken in our 2015-2020 Technology Plan, which established many foundational capabilities and developed plans for renewal of critical services. This new technology plan also aims to align with and support BU 2030 strategic plan.

7 circles representing IS&T's Strategic Priorities: 1. Renew the Student Service Digital Experience; 2. Retire Mainframe Applications and Legacy Infrastructure; 3. Expand Diversity, Equity and Inclusion' 4. Lead in research; 5. Innovate in Digital Learning; 6. Maintain Cybersecurity Vigilance; 7. Enhance the Digital alumni experience

Strategic Priorities

These seven major priorities will be the focus of institution-wide technology services effort over the course of these three years. At the core is the renewal of our student information systems, which touch most, if not all aspects of the student academic and co-curricular experience.

Woman sitting in front of a dual monitor desktop, looking at the screens

Planning & Prioritizing

Learn how IS&T plans for and prioritizes projects that benefit the BU community.

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